The new HSK 3.0: changes and updates

2023-09-13 Chinese

What is the new HSK 3.0?

It’s the new HSK system, referred to as HSK 3.0 from China’s Ministry of Education. The new HSK standards divide Chinese proficiency into 9 levels, which are themselves divided into 3 stages.

What is changing? “3 Stages and 9 Levels”

New characters in each level and new vocabulary:

From July 1st, 2021

Textbooks and learning materials published after this date will follow the new standards.

The current HSK 2.0 System will not change immediately

The test format, content, and vocabulary will remain unchanged for the 6 levels of the current HSK. But the reform will be carried out gradually from July 1 2021 during the next 3 to 5 years. March 2022 is the official release date for the HSK level 7-9 test.

Why is the HSK system changing?

With this new reform, the content will be closer to real life. Instead of building false confidence in being ready to live, study and work in China, it helps you set up more realistic goals. To give you an idea, the current HSK 6 does not fully equal C2 proficiency in the European framework.

The HSK 7-9 test is intended for scholars, Sinologists, and Chinese language and literature students with university level. Passing HSK 6 should equip you with a great mastery of the Chinese language, and you don't necessarily have to take the 7-9 levels.

What does this change mean for Chinesimple?

We are excited about this new reform as it is the beginning of better and more modern learning materials! We are working hard to make sure you’re getting the best learning experience!

• New HSK word lists: we have already updated our database following the new list. Despite this, the current word list is still available.

• New grammar lessons: we will gradually add new lessons for HSK 3.0. Current lessons won't be modified to take the current HSK test.

• New resources for new HSK words: that means more translations, more audios, more Flashcards, more content!

• All current sentences will have their level adjusted: since 300 new characters and vocabulary in each level will be added, many sentences will be lowered to other HSK level.

• The level of the current stories will be reviewed & adjusted: some stories may change their level. And a new series of stories is being worked on!

New features added:

• You will be able to switch between HSK 2.0 and HSK 3.0 databases via the bottom banner of your home screen.

All current sentences have been adapted within their level: since 300-900 new characters and vocabulary in each level have been added, many sentences have been lowered to other HSK levels.

• Your user progress will be saved for HSK 2.0 and HSK 3.0, so you can keep the progress on both HSK versions.