2023-12-15 Chinese

Introducing the "exam" feature in the Chinesimple app marks a significant milestone for those who want to learn Chinese effectively and dynamically. While this exam is a simplified adaptation of the official Hanban HSK, its mobile-optimized design allows students to practice and assess their linguistic skills anytime and anywhere. This innovative feature underscores Chinesimple's commitment to providing practical and effective tools to its users, adapting them to modern learning needs.

While the official HSK exam standardizes Chinese language skills, Chinesimple offers a more interactive and mobile-friendly experience. The variety of games and quizzes allows users to practice effectively and enjoyably, either preparing them for the official exam or simply enhancing their Chinese level.

In the following section we are going to outline the differences between the unofficial HSK exam in the Chinesimple app and the official Hanban HSK exam.

Official Hanban HSK Exam

The HSK exam (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì) is the internationally recognized Mandarin Chinese proficiency test. It is structured into three main areas:

1. Listening: Assesses the student's ability to understand spoken language.

2. Reading: Assesses the student's understanding of written texts.

3. Writing: Present from HSK level 3 onward, it assesses the student's ability to write in Mandarin Chinese. This section is not available in HSK levels 1 and 2.

We invite you to learn more about the official Hanban HSK exam by checking the informational pages in the app.

Unofficial Chinesimple HSK Exam

The Chinesimple HSK exam, though inspired by the official Hanban HSK, is a simplified version of the HSK exam with a wide variety of games and quizzes for each linguistic skill, designed to be more versatile and mobile-friendly. The app offers three levels of difficulty:

1. Basic Exam: 20 questions in 3 minutes.

  • Listening: 8 questions in 2 games.
  • Reading: 8 questions in 2 games.
  • Writing: 4 questions in 1 game.

  2. Intermediate Exam: 54 questions in 6 minutes.

  •    Listening: 22 questions in 4 games.
  •    Reading: 20 questions in 3 games.
  •    Writing: 12 questions in 2 games.

3. Advanced Exam: 104 questions in 15 minutes.

  •    Listening: 36 questions in 5 games.
  •    Reading: 32 questions in 4 games.
  •    Writing: 36 questions in 4 games.

Soon, we will add a fourth level of difficulty, the Professional Exam, which will feature 112 questions to be completed in 20 minutes. In addition to the already mentioned areas, this level will introduce:

  • Speaking: 4 questions in 1 game evaluating the student's pronunciation and fluency through voice recognition.
  • Grammar: It is going to be more advanced with 44 questions in 6 games, including actual stroke writing, which will allow students to practice Chinese calligraphy.