New HSK 1 v3.0 Vocabulary List in English

2024-02-02 Chinese

We are pleased to provide you with the complete HSK 1 v3.0 word list, available for convenient download in PDF format.

The transition from HSK 1 v2.0 to v3.0 represents a significant shift in the Chinese language learning approach.

Version 3.0 incorporates more words, expanding from 150 to 500 terms. This change poses a more significant challenge for students, as they must familiarize themselves with a significantly more extensive array of terms.

Additionally, version 3.0 has updated and modernized its word list compared to version 2.0. The 3.0 version focuses on including more practical and contemporary terms, better reflecting the current usage of the Chinese language. Here are some examples:

  • Words related to technology and digital media: terms like 网上 [wangshang] "online", 上网 [shangwang] "surf the internet", and 手机 [shǒujī] "mobile phone".
  • Terms related to health and wellness: Words such as 病 [bing] "nausea" and 看病 [kanbing] "go to see a doctor".
  • Words about everyday life and leisure: Terms like 商场 [shangchang] "shopping mall", 机票 [jipiao] "airplane ticket", and 打车 [dache] "take a taxi".
  • Current economic and business terms: Words like 大学 [daxue] "university" and 开会 [kaihui] "have a meeting".

On the other hand, some words considered obsolete or less relevant for beginner-level students have been removed from the list. This helps to focus on more valuable and contemporary vocabulary, facilitating a more effective immersion in the Chinese language and culture.

Version 3.0 changes the number of words and how they are organized. Attention has been paid to classifying words to facilitate progressive and systematic learning, helping students build a solid foundation in the language.

These changes reflect an effort to make the HSK more adaptive to the current needs of Chinese language learners. Including a broader and more relevant vocabulary better prepares students for using Chinese in various personal and professional contexts. Version 3.0, with its updated approach, provides a more solid foundation for ongoing language learning.

With the Chinesimple mobile app, you don't need to worry about manually identifying the changes between versions, as the app offers a complete integration of both listings, 2.0 and 3.0.

This makes Chinesimple an essential tool for Chinese learners. Our app stands out for its ability to constantly update and offer educational content aligned with the latest versions of the HSK. With Chinesimple, students can access the complete vocabulary listing in dictionary format, with numerous example sentences, structured lessons, practical exercises in a game format, exams, and educational resources that cover the extensive vocabulary of HSK 1 v3.0, all in a user-friendly and easy-to-use format.

This makes Chinesimple an ideal option for those seeking an efficient and enjoyable way to learn Chinese and tackle the challenges presented by the new HSK 1 v3.0 list.

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