The Complexity of Searching in a Paper Dictionary Vs. the Easiness of Using Chinesimple

2023-11-28 Chinese

Looking a word up in a Mandarin Chinese paper dictionary is tedious and can take a long time, especially for beginners.

App-based dictionaries like Chinesimple offer several advantages over traditional paper dictionaries when it comes to looking up words in Mandarin Chinese:

  1. Quick and efficient search: You can input the Chinese character, the Pinyin, or the translation into your language directly in the search bar and get instant results. You can also write the character strokes; the dictionary will suggest possible results. This is much faster than searching for a character in a paper dictionary.
  2. Facilitates writing and reading: Chinesimple provides interactive features that allow you to learn how to write characters through stroke animations and touchscreen practice.
  3. Correct pronunciation: Chinesimple includes native-recorded audio, allowing you to hear the correct pronunciation of words. It also features voice recognition for practicing your pronunciation.
  4. Access anywhere: As long as you have your mobile device at hand, you will have access to your Chinesimple dictionary.
  5. Additional resources: Chinesimple provides word definitions, examples of usage, synonyms, and even related grammar lessons.
  6. Customization: Chinesimple allows you to personalize your learning experience by bookmarking favorite or challenging words and by tracking your learning progress.
  7. Constant updates: As the language evolves, Chinesimple updates to reflect these changes, something that cannot happen with a paper dictionary.
  8. Lower environmental impact: Using an app like Chinesimple for learning Chinese reduces the need for physical resources such as paper, so helping to minimize the environmental impact.

That's why we invite you to use our Chinesimple app dictionary, which offers a much more accessible and efficient way of learning and looking up words in Mandarin Chinese.